The Ultimate E-commerce Course

As a new E-commerce trader, it was important for me to get more knowledge on the matter. In fact, it was a matter of crucial need since I left my job in order to do some E-commerce. While I am a very great sales person, I cannot say the say for my skill with internet based business solutions. Other than the fact that they are somehow based on the internet, I had no idea how they operated. This however changed when I attended Qoo100, Lazada and Carousell’s drop shipping and E-commerce course. Everything became simplified and easy. My outlook at the beginning of the training was simply understanding the basics of how E-commerce works. However, I definitely received more than I was expecting and can confidently recommend this course for people who have different levels of knowledge on the matter.


Learner Based Approach

So i always wanted to learn how to sell on Qoo10 and Lazada.

Every learner has different learning needs. In fact, most courses and trainings that I have attended previously greatly failed learners since they were all treated as if they were a single unit. However, this was not the case for Qoo100, Lazada and Carousell’s drop shipping and E-commerce course. Every part of the program was learner centered and ensured that each need was dealt with to the utmost depth. At the beginning a session was allocated to clearly understand where each learner’s capacity was. From this data, trainers handled learners very categorically and I perfectly fit into the matrix with other learner’s. This experience actually made me want to relive my graduate school years if only this approach was taken.

Simplified Product Sourcing

I have always had a problem with product sourcing. The manufacturing industry is currently flooded with all sorts of products. Finding a reliable source of your products is hence very difficult and no longer driven by virtues such as trust and loyalty to clients. From the course, I learnt of different techniques that one can use to successfully source quality products from genuine suppliers. In fact, this was among one of the highlighted topics in the schedule for training. In essence, different people raised this as their greatest challenge since product sourcing is constantly changing.

Tracking Competition

This was an unexpected outcome from the training. As indicated above, globalization is slowly changing E-commerce and typical business operations. This changes in the end have effected a clear path of possible increased competition. While competition is healthy in every market, learning from it can be the very last saving breathe to a business. During the ecommerce course Singapore training, I learnt about a secret software that one can use to check how much different sellers are earning online. This helps with brand positioning and overall management of the E-commerce platform. For me, this was the highlight. Also, it is important to note that the use of this software can be carried out by anyone due to its ease in integration with most online platforms.

Guaranteed Online traffic

The course was organized by Conversion Hub , an internet marketing company based in Singapore.

E-commerce in design demands consistent online traffic in order to become successful. In essence, client flow guarantees possible positive sales. Qoo100, Lazada and Carousell’s account for a very huge online following especially in the Singapore market where I Am based.

This course should not simply pass you by, set yourself up for greatness by enrolling.