Tenga Stepper Egg

If you are looking to step up your solo play or enhance your intimate moments with your partner, you should absolutely get yourself a Tenga Stepper Egg, it’s the surest way to step up your games on and off the bedroom. The textured inner sleeve features a labyrinth of triangular step-like protrusions that cover the entire internal walls, save for the area around the tip, each of these step-like nodules extends 3mm above the sleeve surface, making it extremely tactile, and its stimulations very strong, you can also heighten the sensations by twisting or just rubbing the sleeve up and down your shaft. To use this toy, simply remove the outer shell and pop open the egg case to take out the ultra-soft stretchy Egg. Remove the added sachet of lube and use the silky water-based lubricant to slick up the inside of your egg before insertion. For a first timer, the egg might seem too small to go beyond the tip of the penis, but with just a little stretch you’ll notice that the super-stretchy sleeve easily expands to nearly 12 inches in length and 8 inches in width. Medical Instruments All Tenga eggs are designed for single use; however, by wearing a thin condom, proper lubrication and careful cleaning, you can enjoy multiple uses out of your Tenga egg. The see-through nature of the material when stretched is another incredible feature to look out for, it gives you a close-up view into the sleeve during use, and if you’d like to see how your dick expels semen, this sleeve allows you to watch without having to worry about cleaning any mess afterwards. It’s time to step up your masturbation or sex play with the awesome Tenga stepper egg.https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2351/2959/collections/adam-and-eve_dbc46979-2796-4603-aa3d-eb8ce1da3015.jpg?v=1542786374