RSM Thailand for all your Legal Solutions


RSM Thailand is one of the leading international law firms in Bangkok at the moment. Any investor in Bangkok and Thailand at large should comply with the legal procedures. This ensures you don’t fall on the wrong side of the law. RSM Thailand has a team of top notch lawyers. They have specialized in both local and international law. This firm informs their clients on the latest updates that might affect their normal operations. RSM Thailand handles different types of legal services. Below are some of these services:

  • Stating the legal structure of the business- Thailand government requires each company to state its structure.
  • Registration of the company- Each company operating in Thailand must register with the relevant authority.
  • Tax registration- Each business must pay taxes. RSM Thailand can help you register your taxes. Tax registration simplifies tax payment when required.
  • Agreement drafting- Businesses transact with each other. There are situations where agreements are required. Well; RSM can help you draft and amend an agreement.
  • Licenses- Licenses permit businesses to operate in Thailand. This firm can easily help you acquire the licenses when setting up the business.
  • Work permit- Thailand has plenty of foreign workers. These workers require visas and work permit. RSM firm can help your workers attain visas and work permit.

Don’t wait for your legal problems to accumulate. Simply contact RSM Thailand. They customize solutions for each business. Furthermore, they have an excellent reputation. They have helped plenty of business owners solve their legal issues. You can easily reach out to RSM Thailand. Simply click on the above link to get started. Leave your details and wait for them to reach out. They will carefully listen to your needs before offering any advice. They are also pocket friendly.