Exactly what Bird Winter flu Security – Fuel Face masks? Bird Disease Masks? 3M Confront Face masks? RidottoHides? N95 Masks?

As President Bush announced his $7.one billion strategy to get ready for the risk of a pandemic influenza outbreak, scientists and doctors reminded us that the plan to stock antiviral medicines may be flawed. World generation of the drug is currently being outstripped by demand and presently the U.S. has requested only ample of the anti-virals Tamiflu and Relenza for about 5 million people. Orders could be put, but if the medication can not be developed on time then what support are they to us? In addition, current medications could be of small use if new virus strains arise which are resistant to current medication.

A vaccine for Hen Flu is not available. A vaccine against SARS has not even been produced, and it is been above two several years because SARS 1st struck. Consider about it logically – in accordance to the healthcare establishment, even a treatment for the common cold has eluded healthcare science. What realistic possibility is there for a Fowl Flu cure in the near long term? Even if kn95 mask is produced, it need to nevertheless be developed in mass portions and that will take months or even many years. What happens if Hen Flu transmits completely to individuals, and arrives in your group tomorrow?

The only secure, scientific evidence of what actually performs in protecting people and preventing Hen Flu is the mask – more especially the Nano Mask – NanoMask®

The NanoMask has been subjected to arduous scientific testing and evaluation. According to Nelson Laboratories of Salt Lake Metropolis, an unbiased screening lab of this kind of filters, Bacteriophage MS-2 is the recognised normal screening organism for several filters. Currently being 1 of the smallest utilized viruses at 220nm it is ready to give a greater obstacle to the filter media.

NanoMask® (Nano Mask) created by Crisis Filtration Products, has been tested down to 27 nanometers or .027 microns. Good ample to cease H5N1, SARS, and other viruses.

The president of Crisis Filtration, Doug Beplate, advised that the major explanation NanoMasks are so profitable in stopping viruses is their unique nanoparticle coating on every single filter. Beplate said, “The nanoparticle coating joins with chlorine particles to obtain an arrest and eradication of undesirable agents.” In other terms, biohazardous particulates like H5N1 are not only blocked, but ruined, thanks to the nanoparticle coating. Sure, it actually kills the virus upon make contact with.

A standard filter without the nanoparticle coating, like N95, would flip into a breeding floor for a virus or bacterial agent. Hence we caution you against using any N95 mask in a pandemic or epidemic, or even to end common colds.

But very first, take a look at the table underneath displaying virus dimensions, so you can decide for yourself how powerful the NanoMask is. The abbreviation nm means nanometer, which is one billionth of a meter. N95 can only filter out content higher in size than .3 microns, which is equal to 300 nanometers.

Each virus you see in the table underneath is scaled-down than 300 nanometers, therefore, N95’s created by 3M and most other masks are worthless in opposition to these viruses and other individuals.

Virus (Description) / Dimension Bacteriophage (MS) / 220nm Hepatitis / 24nm – 30nm Adenovirus / 70nm HIV / (AIDS) / 80nm Cytomegalovirus / 100nm Orthomyxovirus / 120nm Coronavirus (SARS) / 80nm – 160nm

Some fast reminders then as to why so many specialists imagine that the NanoMask provides the best chicken flu safety and chicken flu prevention obtainable:

* Requested by the United States Section of Defence for all army troops.

* Gets rid of virus and micro organism from inhaled and exhaled breath.

* The 1st experience mask in the planet to use nanotechnology increased filter media to isolate and demolish viral and bacterial pathogens.

* Two-piece mask fully adjustable and reusable. The replaceable filter is disposable. Effortless to insert a new filter. Shelf lifestyle is 1 year without having exposure to UV rays.

* The enhanced facial seal makes it possible for the NanoMask (Nano Mask) to defeat the most vital failing of typical N95 masks. Adjustable for kids age two and better.

* Minimal profile doesn’t interfere with eye put on.

* Mask is simple to cleanse and reuse above and more than. Just soak in diluted bleach.

* Light-weight and transportable.

Of all the techniques accessible to defend your family members, this kind of as antivirals, vaccines, herbs, etc., a NanoMask® (Nano Mask) is the the very least costly in conditions of time and income, and probably the most effective.

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