Questions About Lingerie Shopping Here Are Some Answers!

Going lingerie shopping can feel overwhelming at times, it’s true. There are many different types of lingerie out there in terms of style, size, color, and shape. And because you always want to look your best, no matter what you wear, you want to make sure that you’re purchasing the best items for your body shape, size, and color. Here are many of the questions that frequently come up from women when they are transparent lingerie shopping, whether they are in stores or looking online, and some answers that will hopefully help you in your search for just the right types of lingerie.


Bras are probably one of the most confusing types of lingerie for many women because of the sheer number of choices that exist. Take along this list while lingerie shopping as it may help you choose the perfect bra for your needs.

What are the different types of bras?
There are two main categories that bras fall into – underwire, which provides excellent support for women with larger breasts, and no underwire, which is ideal for those with smaller breasts. Beyond that, there are five basic bra styles that you may encounter while lingerie shopping:

Contour underwire – This is also known as a T-shirt bra. It is seamless and provides support while it doesn’t show through today’s tighter top styles. It also is lightly padded to provide nipple concealment. This is a great everyday bra style.
Sports bra – As you might expect, this is a bra to be worn during any sports activities, from a jog around the block to a heavy-duty aerobics class. It not only provides the necessary support for these activities but it also is made of a material that will wick away moisture.
Convertible bra – This versatile bra can be worn as a strapless bra or one with straps that can be adjusted to a variety of positions in order to be hidden no matter what style top is worn. This is one of the more underrated types of lingerie, but it gives the most options in one product. A convertible bra can also be a contour underwire bra or a decorative bra.
Push-up bra – This bra gives a bit more cleavage, but it’s not just for smaller-breasted women. Larger-breasted women enjoy this style for the look and also for the additional support it provides.
Minimizer bra – This is one of the types of lingerie that is great for fuller-figured women who want to minimize their bustline. With the proper style and fit, it can bring the bust in one or two inches.
How often should I replace my bra?
Bras should be replaced, on average, every three to six months, depending on the usage they see on a regular basis. This is not an evil plot by retailers to get you to go lingerie shopping more often. The truth of the matter is that even with careful handling, the elastic in a bra (and in many other types of lingerie) will eventually dry out and lose its flexibility, and the other fabric will also break down.


Camisoles are great types of lingerie for layering in any outfit.

What types of camisoles are out there, and which one is best for me?
There are three types of camisoles available: no support, which is perfect for layering purposes; a bra cup within the camisole, which gives bra-like support and can be worn alone or under other pieces; and a body shaper which gives support for the entire top of your body. Which one you choose while lingerie shopping depends on how you will be wearing the camisole and what support you will need.


Underwear comes in so many styles, colors, and fabrics that it’s easy to become overwhelmed while lingerie shopping.

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