How to beat a bot in online poker?

Poker bots are used when you are playing poker online. They are computerized programs and are designed to play the poker game against human opponents or another computer opponent. These bots are used as either legitimate opponents for human players or are a form of cheating.


They are very simple and they tend to exploit the beginner players who make silly mistakes. They can change their playing style as per their opponents. Many players who play online poker fear the presence of the bots. Bots are the best players in low stake games. There are software limitations also in poker bots due to which they often lose a game while playing against an experienced human player. We will discuss on how to beat a bot in online poker and win the game.


Recognize the bot:


The first and the foremost thing to play safe is to know whether you are playing against a human player or a bot. If the bot is efficient enough, we would lose the game even before we know that it’s a bot. However, you should look out for them once you start playing. Bots generally use check-raise or pot-sized-bets flops very assertively. You can lookout for the following points to know whether you are playing against a bot:


  1. Chatting may be a wise idea to test whether you are playing with a bot. If its a bot, they will not respond to your chat.
  2. If the opponent is using the alike bet-sizings repeatedly.
  3. Usage of definite lines over and over again.
  4. The timing of each decision is the same
  5. They will hastily join a new table if there are a certain numbers of players.
  6. It will operate as a part of a bot-ring rather and not as an individual.


Note down yours and the opponent’s mistake:


The more you play, the more you learn. It is a continuous learning process. And like they say you also learn from your mistakes. Hence it is advisable to note down what mistakes you probably do consistently in every game and try to rectify them. Also, jot down the strategies as well as the mistakes that your opponents make. If you can find their mistakes, you should be able to defeat them. And the strategies which they use today can be of great help to you tomorrow.


Bluff the bot:


To Program an efficient bot, a programmer has to spend thousands of hours working on the bot. It’s tough to program a decent bot. Therefore, there are some loopholes in the program. We have to look out for these holes by following the bot’s strategy and exploit them. Though it’s a fact that all bots are not easily vulnerable. You have to scrutinize the bot’s thought process and rupture their strategies poker1001.


Many poker sites are taking measures against the poker bots participating in their poker games. A human poker player can dismiss a poker bot from the game when they play with the ideal strategy and best poker skills.

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