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Telegram App became Most important branding And marketing tool especially for ICO Projects and crypto currencies startups, Collecting a Huge Telegram group & channel is the Key success. All admins need huge community on telegram to be able to Attract as most investor So Huge community on telegram will be a massive impact on the marketing of your Project either with telegram fake or offline subscribers or real members.


This service is for telegram channel members!
We provide high quality members for telegram channelsthese members are offline members !

If recently you just started a telegram channels you need to show and improve its popularity to be able to attract new members.

When your channels members are high, as result more new users and members  will join to your channel because of its papularity, the increase in number of channel followers in the Buy Telegram Members  is one of the key features of the channel admins that can improve their business. Its the fact that the start of the telegram channel in the early days requires the expansion of the content of the product and the increase of the channel of the telegram, it must attract the trust of users to the channel. One of the ways that can help you to improve your business and increase the trust of members is to buy telegram channel members and increase the members of channel.

Channel administrators and group admins  can buy our packages of telegram members in order to increase their members, and improve their popularity and persuade others to join their groups and channels.


Fast delivery.
In most cases we will deliver order in 12 hours or less. Quality and quantity is both that we provide to our clients and have earned a reputable place in the mark

Payment Methods

We accept only PayPal, ETH, BTC & BCC. We can not accept tokens for payment. After submitting order & buying telegram members if you didn’t receive order Contact us in telegram.

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